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Monday, February 16, 2004


The home page of a good friend of ours, Sairan Kikkarin. He's a PhD in Physics, and works at INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS AND TECHNOLOGY in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He's a head of their IT department.

Among many cool things he does is KazWin , a set of drivers for Kazakh language keyboards for various OS. Also, he works on free satellite internet provision for Kazakh academic institutions. Sairan is also an expert in laboratory instrumentation with LabView and FreeBSD OS. In fact, he's first one who told me about freeBSD many years ago.


Achim said...


I met Sairan years ago in Novosibirsk and since then had a couple of email contactts with him.
Now - I seem to have lost his track. His homepage and email cannot be reached, as it seems.

CAn you try to make a connection?

Achim Wixforth -

Argyn said...


you didn't leave your e-mail for contact