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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Sun-MS Settlement

There was a lot of buzz recently going on. People are discussing Sun-MS Settlement. Here, some links:
Sun and Microsoft Make Nice - Slashdot

Java Evangelist Leaves Sun After MS Settlement
Gosling defends Sun's new partnership with Microsoft
Where Is Java In This Settlement?
Free but shackled: The Java trap

Related story on Open-sourcing Java - McNealy Answers: No Open Source Java

1. I wasn't sure that it's a good idea to open-source Java before this settlement.
2. When Sun sued MS I understood their rationale.
3. I wasn't very happy that Sun spends too much efforts for this litigation.
4. Suddenly, after the settlement I'm left with a sour feeling. Something's wrong.
5. Yeah, it's good to spend time on development, not in courts, but... Now it doesn't feel like Java in trustworthy hands anymore.
6. Java should go free now. Maybe it was good to be proprietary for so long. Maybe. Not anymore, my friends.

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