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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Real women have real curves

Dove® asked six women, none of them professional models, to appear in our latest ad campaign for NEW Dove Firming.

It's from Dove's website. I've heard about it on FM radio, DJs are discussing this ad campaign, it's in the news. Slate writes:
Sadly, this is not a winning play for the long haul. If Dove keeps running ads like this, women will get bored with the feel-good, politically correct message. Eventually (though perhaps only subconsciously), they'll come to think of Dove as the brand for fat girls. Talk about "real beauty" all you want—once you're the brand for fat girls, you're toast.

I've mixed feelings about this. It's true that fashion models are anorexic and look unhealthy. However, it doesn't mean that I want to see fat and ugly people on ads. So, I think that Sigrid and Stacy should stay, they look healthy, not fat, and they are not ugly :) The others should go, sorry.


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