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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Outsourcing Moves on Up

A recent article in The New York Times cites a study, to be presented today to the National Academies, the nation’s foremost advisory groups on science and technology, that suggests more and more high-level R&D work will be shipped off to countries like China and India in the future.

I think that the general trend is that more and morebusinesses are going to embrace the globalization. The sense of community will go away. It'll be one global village. So, for the business owner in Utah it wouldn't matter where are his workers in India or Utah. Whoever's going to make the job for less salaray is going to be employed. This will lead to more even wealth distribution. The richest people in China will be as reach as in USA. The poorest people in USA will be as poor as in India. IT workers will have similar quality of life in all countries.

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