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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Which popular songs are suitable for dancing?

I recommend the following popular CDs:

Hansel Martinez "El Gato" -- cha-cha, mambo
Soundtrack "A League Of Their Own" -- jive, foxtrot,
quickstep, night club two step
Soundtrack "For the Boys" -- jive, foxtrot, quickstep
Soundtrack "Strictly Ballroom" - tango, samba,
waltz, jive
Manhattan Transfer (their multi-disk compilation) --
jive, cha-cha
Gloria Estafan "Mi Terra" -- mambo, rumba
Linda Rondstat "Frenesi" -- cha-cha
Sinead O'Connor "Am I Not Your Girl" -- foxtrot
Chris Isaak "Heart Shaped World (?)" -- rumba, west coast swing
Madonna "The Immaculate Collection" -- samba, cha-cha, hustle
Soundtrack "More Dirty Dancing" -- mambo, merengue, foxtrot
Soundtrack "When Harry Met Sally" -- foxtrot
Santana "Greatest Hits" -- cha-cha
Stray Cats "Best Of" -- west coast swing, jive
Tito Puente and His Orchestra "Dance Mania" -- mambo
Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong "Compact Jazz" -- foxtrot
Billy Eckstine "Compact Jazz" -- foxtrot
Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation" -- hustle, night-club two step
Mariah Carey "Emotions" -- hustle, night-club two step
Black Box "Dreamland" -- hustle
Soundtrack "Sleepless in Seattle" -- foxtrot
"The Ultimate Bobby Darin" -- east coast swing
String "Ten Summoner's Tales" -- rumba
Azucar Moreno "Bandido" -- samba, hustle
Ednito Nazario "Metamorfosis" -- cha-cha
Daniela Romo (best of) -- cha-cha
Eagles "Greatest Hits" -- slow waltz
Lyle Lovett "Jushua Judges Ruth" -- west coast swing
Cyndi Lauper "True Colors" -- samba
Frank Sinatra "The Capitol Years" -- foxtrot
Frank Sinatra "Songs For Swinging Lovers" -- foxtrot
Natalie Cole "Unorgettable W/Love" -- foxtrot
Soundtrack "A River Runs Through It" -- quickstep

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