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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The World Is Flat audio-book by Friedman

I started listening to this book in the car while driving to work. The first chapter is done.

It's mostly about his discovery of the world being flat. The main idea is that the technological advances and the fall of Soviet Union gave the world a chance to flatten the hierarchies. Globalization gives a chance to many more people to get involved in the world economy. He spent most of the 1st chapter talking about outsourcing of jobs to India with somem ore examples in Japan and China. His depiction of outsourcing in India is all rosy. I've a little problem with that because I saw many problems with outsourcing and even was involved in such projects. He repeats the basic economic idea about global trade and specialization: more effective resource allocation leads to a greater output.

The second chapter just start but I already disagree with its beginning. The author is to reveal 10 big events which led to today's globalization. I'll talk about it later today.


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