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Friday, September 29, 2006

Kazakhstan Tries U.S. Image Makeover , Yet Country’s Publicity Campaign Still Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story - CBS News

Dr. Martha Olcott of the Carnegie Endowment for Peace and an expert on Kazakhstan, said the opposition party has, in a way, used the Borat depiction of Kazakhstan as material against Nazarbayev's government. In fact, it appears to have become such a "political football" that Olcott says she is sent copies of the "Ali G Show" by the opposition party.Olcott has even speculated that Sacha Baron Cohen "may have gotten encouragement from the opposition party," possibly even with money, to negatively portray Kazakhstan the way he does through Borat. I thought it's just a conspiracy theories or paranoia, but apparently the opposition's supporting this guy. I've read that former PM of Kazakhstan was involved in this, and didnd't believe it that time.


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