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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dunn gave phone numbers to PIs - page 2 | Tech News on ZDNet

Hunsaker also wrote that "we will need to have someone open it up to determine whether any of the data on the computer was accessed and compromised so we can access whether HP-related data is now out in the public domain, so we'll need to determine who is best-suited to do that. And, as part of that search, we'll have to determine whether it's appropriate to see if there's anything relevant to the Kona II (the code name for the second HP leak hunt) investigation on the computer. So, we should probably have it returned to Fred in our Roseville office." This guy is a legal councel in HP, and he's discussing here what they are going to do once they acquire stolen laptop of their board director. The laptop belongs to a director not HP. It seems that HP people didn't care about such "a formality", they were set to search the laptop.


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