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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Never again with Finance Maryland. Bad People.

I will never ever deal with Finance Maryland, LLC again! I was a buying a big item a year ago, and the seller brought Finance Maryland loan officer, so you could sign an agreement on site. They offered my same as cash loan for a year. My understanding was that I can have a loan for 0% for a year, then pay it off. During this year I was sending them checks on time. I didn't get any account statements, not even the end of year statement. They don't have a web site to check the status online. They don't have auto-pay feature or e-mail reminders. The only thing they send is new loan offers. Basically, they try to not remind you about the important one year date, hoping that you forget to pay it off.

After 11 checks, I thought it's time to pay the principal with 12th check. When I called Finance Maryland, they told me that I missed the date! Now I have to pay the interest from the beginning of the year! Apparently, they were counting the end of date not from the date of the first check due, but from the day of the settlement, which is not what I was told when signing a contract that late evening in October. Bastards! They have the worst customer service and accounts services of all banks, I ever dealt with in USA.

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