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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big Brother: Racist bullying gets worse

Daily Express writes about Big Brother.
THE bullying of Celebrity Big Brother star Shilpa Shetty intensified last night as the race row erupted around the world.

As a record 20,000 people complained and Britain’s international reputation was tarnished, Channel 4 bosses refused to intervene or even accept there was a problem.

Allegations of racism sparked diplomatic controversy yesterday, with India making a formal protest about remarks made to Shilpa, one of Bollywood’s biggest and most popular film stars.

Interestingly, nobody cared when Kazakhs complained about "Borat movie". Most Kazakhs considered it insulting. I think that the reason is that Britain can afford not to care about Kazakhs, because there's not many Kazakhs in UK. On the other hand, there's so many Indians there, that it's too expensive (literally) to ignore them. Proof? Russians indirectly (or directly) limited Borat movie's release in their country. Why? Kazakhs have more influence in Russia, and no influence in UK or USA. It's all about money.


Argyn-tinka said...

Agreed. Smart move on Russia's end.
I was surprised how grossly distasteful Borat is, but most of all, that there aren't many educated, worldly, aware (?) people in the US to understand that the movie has nothing to do with KZ.

Argyn said...


I think that many viewers in USA understand that the movie's about bigotry in America. Unfortunately, you may be right that fewer people realize that the jokes are made at expense of Kazakhstan.