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Monday, February 12, 2007


No, not those Greeks, but these Greeks. It's the partial derivatives of Black-Scholes formula for option pricing.

We have to write a paper in Options course, and the professor threw an idea for a topic: derive all Greeks and look at the sensitivity of option prices to input parameters. I searched Interenet, and surprisingly didn't find complete step by step derivation of all Greeks. Then I thought: who would derive them and post in Internet? Not a professor. There's nothing interesting there, just routine boring differentiation/simplification exercise, then one has to put in paper, then check everything...

Though I found one place where there's a sketch of derivation of three Greeks. So, I decided to do this myself from scratch. It took me entire Sunday to derive, check, re-check and put it on paper. The most time consuming part was to write the whole thing LaTex. I'm thinking about porting it to Wikipedia later, after grading :)

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