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Monday, February 11, 2008

MacBook Air - I didn't get it

I saw MacBook Air in Apple Store in Tysons Mall. I didn't get. It's thin, that's the only thing I liked. Otherwise, it's no match to Dell Latitude D430. I bought it several months ago, and it still beats Apple's Air at every angle. It has detachable battery - very important for travelers. You can bring a spare battery with you, they're cheap. It has a wonderful D/Dock, which is compatible with all other Dell Latitude laptops. I bought it on eBay for 40$. That docking station has even PCI slot! The laptop itself has more slots than Air, USBs and a bunch of other stuff. Its screen is smaller - 12 inches, and although it's thicker, its weight is the same as Air's. On top of all - Air is more expensive, even with Dell's 2 years warranty included. Air's warranty's 1 year.

I don't get this Air, a most other Apple products.


Maverick said...

The macbook Air has a 13.3" screen, vs the 12" screen. Which would you prefer working with - please be honest!

Argyn said...

Good point! I like a smaller screen, in fact I would get a smaller one, but this was the smallest available from Dell. Sony has smaller ones, but they cost like Apple :)

When at home I use a dock with DVI out connected to a big LCD screen. On the road, the big screen size is a problem to me.