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Saturday, March 22, 2008


We had a client appreciation party in 4040 Club. Apparently, the place is owned by Jay Z, hip hop personality. Our party took two halls on the ground floor. They have huge TV screens, where they were playing college basketball games. Then they played music, hip hop stuff. It was very loud. You had to yell loud to be heard. I realized I knew a lot of people there. There was a magician, and I didnt care. It was my second such party with this company, and it seems that they're all similar. They're held in the bars, loud music, finger food, crowded. It doesn't help that I dont know any of our clients, it's pathetic. Also, I live 40 minutes from Manhattan, it sucks to commute home late after the party. On the other hand, living in Manhattan is too expensive. Anyways, it was good time in 4040. Like on the last party, I met a couple of analysts who I've been communicating with via e-mail for a few weeks, but never got to see them before. I think that some folks went to after party. Not me this time :(

Oh, I went to a laundromat today. I hate the place and try to not visit it at all costs. The dry cleaning shop is Ok. You get it, leave the shirts and get out. You wasted only 1 minute. The laundromat is a totally different experience. It takes 30 minutes of washing and 30 minutes of drying. The problem's that it's better not to leave the place during the process. There's a lot of low income people in there. They look miserable. I look at their faces, and the stuff they bring in, and kids running around, women wear no make-up, dudes in jeans and grey t-shirts, poor people... it's all so depressing. It's even more depressing than IT career fairs. By the way, why do people wear grey t-shirts?

This is the first time I'm having a place without washer-dryer inside. Apparently, it's almost a norm in NY. Never again! I want to do washing home, where I don't have to see these men and women, and where I can read or watch TV while my things are being washed.

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