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Sunday, March 23, 2008

International Auto Show in NEw York

It opened on Friday. I expected more, but it was Ok. I'm not going to write about cars here though. There were some cars which I can get into, like Ford Taurus, a completely new design, I'd never recognize Taurus in it. Then there were cars with doors locked. You could still come close to them, touch them, for example 2009 Acura TL. Some cars were on the rotating podiums with signs "dont step on the stage", or something like that. These were more expensive ones or concept cars. Finally, some cars were behind the chains, you can only approach them "by invitation", these are Lamborghini and Betntleys. Oh, Rolls Royces too, very beautiful new models. You could see some dudes who are invited to see them.

Next day I was in the laundromat, and saw other dudes who'd never be invited there. Such a depressing contrast... Makes me want to focus on the study and "get out of this prison cell"

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