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Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm not into comics, then why did I go to Wanted movie? Because, I was curious to see the film made by Kazakh director in Hollywood. He's certainly the first Kazakh making a big movie in USA. Otherwise, I'd simply wait for DVD. There's a lot of violence in the film and it's very graphic, but somehow you don't feel perplexed with it. Camera work and special effects are great, as well as the action sequences and tempo. I noticed that sometimes tempo slows down in other comic adaptations and directors venture into background stories and pseudo-freudean analysis. It really sucks, because it's shallow anyways. This one keeps the fast pace until the end, it's good.

Another news, a very sad one, related to Kazakhstan: a fashion model, Ruslana Korshunova, committed suicide in New York. I haven't heard of her before, but it's really sad that someone 20 years old would do this to herself. Apparently, she felt lonely and lost in Manhattan, and I could relate to that. The city has no soul. Huh... am I going to get angry comments now?

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