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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Black holes eating earth

There's a lot of talk about how LHC (large hadron collider) will produce black holes, which will destroy Earth. This blog is about reasoning against such possibility. You're da man, if you can follow this :)

I found most entertaining this comment on the blog:

Thanks for posting such a comprehensive reasoning and scientific explanation for this "black-hole creation" problem. This is an explanation that a layman can understand. I have NO knowledge of particle physics. I'd be a Luddite in terms of physics ability. But this knowledge "a black hole has to have significant mass to do damage". In otherwords unless the gravitational pull of the micro-blackhole exceeds that of the mass that it is trying to swallow, then you won't have a problem. :| At least that's what I'm getting here.

The reality's that unless you studied theoretical nuclear physics and modern theories, you've no chance to get a slightest idea of what is this all about :)

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