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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anorexics attack!

I saw this post on It recites the "new" study showing that people with bulges around their bellies have higher risk of heart attack. The news was circulated heavily last week. I thought that doctors knew about since '60s. Anyways, that's not the reason why I'm writing this. The reason is the picture, which they show in the post.

It's a picture of a waist of a perfectly fit athletic female, who's shown measuring her waist with a measuring tape. What are they trying to say? Why is she measuring her waist? She knows she's in perfect shape! Why didnt they simply post a photo of anorexic woman and say directly that unless you look like here you're going to die of heart attack soon? I'm sure, this wasn't the waist fat the researchers were talking about.

My message to the model on the photo: no reason to be obsessed with your figure, relax, you'll live at least 90 years.

Ha! One more post with the same kind of picture.

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