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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monster Madhouse show review

I like to watch Monster Madhouse show on Cox cable TV. I think it's on 10th channel. I don't watch it for more than a few minutes though. When I saw it first time, my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe they would broadcast a show of this quality. It was so ridiculously stupid, I thought Cox must have some obligation to broadcast local TV. Maybe VA somehow makes them support local "talents". They appear to not have a script and don't bother to rehearse. It's all amateurish, and camera work is horrendously primitive. Whoever is editing this monstrosity should quit his job.

It's so undescribedly bad, you have to watch it to believe me. The funniest guy in the show is a cyborg  dude in byker's spandex top, hakhi pants, and apparently snorkelling equipment to give him appearance a la Universal Soldier or Terminator.  

I remember Aethics and Aesthetics course in the college. In one class there was a long discussion of what is beautiful and what is horrible. Apparently, one can't exist without the other. One can't appreciate beauty without understanding uglyness. That's the reason why I watch MM show, it makes me appreciate and understand how a good TV show, if there is such a thing at all :) 

Now, to balance this post, I'll post a link to Lenka. I heard her in singing in Barnes and Noble shop's ambient music speakers in Tysons Corner. I had my Google phone with Shazam, and it tagged the song correctly. Then I found her in youtube. She has a bunch of songs there, and they all seem to put me in a good mood.

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