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Saturday, May 30, 2009

National Harbor

I was going to visit National Harbor, MD since last year. Today was the day. I left with mixed feelings. Its harbor reminds me both the Waterfornt in Georgetown and Baltimore Inner Harbor. Maybe all harbors are similar.
From 2009_05_30-NationalHarbour
They moved the Awakening installation to here from some other place, where I saw it before.

It's interesting to see the crowd there. Especially, in the Gaylord hotel. The place is enormously large. It's under the glass ceiling, and looks like Las Vegas type hotels, but better - no smoke and gambling.
From 2009_05_30-NationalHarbour
It looks and feels like inside 5 star hotel, then you notice the crowds wondering around - and feel like you're in SixFlags, MD park. It's weird. I saw two gelato places there, and tried on in Italian cafe outside. It was Ok tiramisou gelato. I thought the one in Grand Central in NYC was much better. I'll try the other one in Gaylord hotel next time.

There's a couple of pedestrian streets with a bunch of restaurants, bars and clubs. I think it's a nice place for a family outing or a date. I'm not sure if the nightlife is of a sort I like.
There's two dancing fountains, beautiful gardens, ponds.
From 2009_05_30-NationalHarbour

Overall, I marked the place as "must see". If you're in DC, definitely take a tour. I think the best way to experience it is to arrive around 5pm, walk on the waterboard, have a dinner, then hit the clubs.

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