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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Bediako posted today on NoVAJUG board that he wrote his first applet in Oct 1995. I was also under impression that I used Java in beta first time in 1995, but then when thinking about it more it sounds unlikely. In 1995 we didn't have a reliable Internet yet, if I recall correctly. We probably had one dedicated PC for Web access. So, it seems more likely that my first Java experience came later, maybe in 1996. Surely, by 1997 I did some Java programming. Here's early press release from SUN, which states that January 1996 was 1.0 release and that it was available in beta since 1995 May.

I noticed recently that I don't remember many tools, which I used in the past. It took me awhile to recall the names of real-time OSs on our computers. One was called ОСРВ in Russian, which stands literally for RTOS. It was a clone of RSX-11 running on Soviet clone of PDP-11 called СМ-1600. Another one was a clone of RT-11 running on Soviet clone of some other DEC computer called Электроника 60.

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