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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Sunday Branch at Perry's with Joseph

Today our friend Joseph invited us to a Sunday branch at Perry's in Washington, DC. The restaurant is near by Adams Morgan area. It doesn't have large banners with its name, just "1811" and a small plate on the wall at the entrance. Joseph told us that it's a new trend not to put banners.

He told us that there will be drag queens, but we didn't think that there's gonna be a performance. We thought that it's a place where they hang out.

When we got in, it was very crowded and loud music was playing. We saw a woman (or a man?) dancing between tables. Apparently, they have drag queens' performances every Sunday. It was fun to watch :)

The food was good. We liked mushrooms and salads. Buffet bar had everything from desserts and salads to meat and sushimi. The people were of all ages. Waiters were young in 20x, I guess. Overall, it's a nice place. We paid 70$ for two including drinks and tips. It's not cheap. You can find a review here.

When we got out, I noticed an interesting building with round pointy-top towers. It has "Habana Village" banner. I've read about this place that it plays salsa. It's in my short list of "to be visited" in the DC metro area now.

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