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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Saturday Paintball

Yesterday we went to play paintball with our friend Alex and his buddies from ex-USSR. It's a place in Hogback Mountains near by Leesburg, VA. We paid 59$ per person per day for a group of 9. The price includes 500 paintballs with a rental semi-auto gun and a mask. We started at about 10am and finished after 2pm. Everyone was tired and hungry at the end.
We split into two teams of 4-5 people and played elimination mostly, which means that you have to eliminate all members of the opposing team in order to win. There's another type of a game when you fight for flags, but we didn't like it much. The game is supposed to last 10-15 minutes. We were finishing in 3-4 minutes.
It can be painful when a ball hits uncovered parts of a body or your head. Therefore my advice is to cover everything, at least wear a hat and long sleve shirts. It was very hot, and the game in open fields can be quite an excersize. I recommend to buy a couple of bottles of water, not soda. If you wear glasses, then you better bring your own mask, since the rental masks are inconvenient to put over spectales. Don't wear your designer clothes. The paint itself is not a problem, it washed away by detergent in my washing machine.
We had a lot of fun, and I'd like to play paintball from time to time.

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