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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Amazon Warrior Women on PBS.ORG

I watched the whole show but didn't get the point :)

Davis-Kimball found 2,500 years old skeleton in the kurgan (ancient burial place). This one was in Russia near by Kazakh border. In Kazakhstan we have many such places.

So, the skeleton is supposedly of a warrior woman. Now researched found a blond Kazakh girl in Mongolia, took her and her mom's DNA, and compared it with the DNA of the remains. In the TV show they said they are identical. I know many Kazakh women who have caucasian look: blue eyes, blong hair etc. Devis-Kimball could come to Kazakhstan and easily find them. Also, they were showing modern nomads' clothes and other stuff and saying that it's similar to pictures from many hundred years B.C. on greek clay barrels. Man, I know these ornaments, they are all over in Kazakhstan, on rugs, nomad huses etc :) In fact that nomad house they've shown is identical to those I've been in Kazakhstan. You can buy one for about 15-20 grands. I can arrange it, if you wish.

Then comes Herodotus' story about Amazon women who ended up in northern Black Sea shores and mariied with scythians. Well, we, Kazakhs, kinda think that Scythians were
our ancestors. So, basically, the bones belong to these people, and I'm not surprised that DNA of Kazakhs and theirs is identical. I'm pretty much sure that my DNA would match too, no need to travel that far to western Mongolia. Also, I've heard stories about ancient Kazakh women who cut their right breasts, because it was better for archery, or something like that.

Now how does it connect to Amazon warrior women? I've no clue :) I guess these amazons were Kazakh women. I'm not surprised at all.

Here's her book called Warrior Women and an article Ancient Graves of Warrior Women Offer Hints of Amazons.


Anonymous said...

Have you read the paper called "Unravelling migrations of the steppes:Ancient Mitchondrial DNA of ancient central asians" by Dr. Tom Gilbert of University of Arizona. It proved that the scythians were mixed as far back as 8-7century b.c. Then where did we get the idea that they were persian? We got that from soviet(communist) historians who wanted to connect the slavs with them. That is definitely not unbiased. Give the information to the kazakh government please. The truth must be revealed about who these people are.

Anonymous said...

Besides the paper on ancient central asians by Dr. Tom Gilbert of the department of evoluntionary biology at university of arizona, there also Nova "Ice Mummies of Siberia". It said toward the end that the pazyryk scythians were "ethnically diverse"