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Sunday, November 06, 2005

BEP and Gwen Stefani at Patriot Center

At last, we've visited Patriot Center at GMU. The occasion was a tour stop of Gwen Stefani and Plack Eyed Peas. Yes, in this order. Gwen Stefani was supposed to be the feature event with BEP as openers.

First, I spent almost a week trying to buy tickets. I was too lazy to check out the ticket counter at Patriot Center, and online was sold out. There were a lot of tickets on eBay and Craigslist. The cheapest ones were 100$, and it was impossible to buy them for various reasons. For example, one british lady called me and said she'd sell me the tickets on Fri, and we agreed to meet at B&N in the new wing of Tysons Corner shopping mall. then she called me back in one hour and said that she sold them to someone else.

Finally, I decided to go to the venue and try to buy the tickets the performance night. So, we went there. There was a huge traffic jam in Fairfax. We got to the Patriot Center at almost 8pm. There were people asking for extra tickets, bad sign. Then there were people selling the tickets, strange isn't it? Then there were tickets at the ticket booth! The show was NOT sold out :) How funny it is.

The concert itself was good. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed it. Actually, I liked the opener more than Gwen Stefani's part. VEP were energetic, and worked hard. Fergie's hot :)

There were a lot of screaming Gwen Stefabi's fans, teenage girls in ugly outfits mostly. Acoustics is terrible in Patriot Center, it's loud and you can't understand lyrics unless you know it already. Overall, B+ :)

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