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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Prestige - movie's good

I liked the movie. However, there was a little bit of a disappointment. I expected more from Chris Nolan. Much the same like after Insomnia. The Memento is the best of his works without undoubtly. The Following's not bad too, it was his first movie, afaik. He shot it in black and white with very cheap equipment.

The problem with The Prestige was probably in sci-fi-ness of the whole thread about Tesla. Tesla was a prominent physisist, but he didn't do anything of what was shown in the movie. I think that inducing sci-fi into depiction of science is unnecessary. The nature and its exploration is a fascinanting subject on its own, it doesn't need any exaggerations, imho. Anyway, movie's good, I recommend it.

Coincidentally, I saw Batman Returns on this weekend, and to my suprise found it very entertaining. I didn't know that it was Nolan's film, though I knew about Bale in the main character. It is a very high quality comic feature. I should have watched in the movie theatre. Generally, comics are bad taste, but this one raises above the standard. What's funny is that somehow in modern blockbusters all the spiritual art of war comes from somewhere in Asia. This time the bad guys are coming from Nepal, or whatever it was, maybe even Chinese Tibet.
It wasn't japan for sure, but these people in black masks call themselves Ninjas. Ninjas are in Japan, whate were they doing in China? I think it was meant to be Chine because the prison guards's unigforms and red stars on buildings.

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