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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Using Multiple Monitors with Windows XP

Turns out I didn't need another computer—I just needed another monitor. Windows XP supports using multiple monitors and has the Dualview feature built in. Dualview lets you add a separate monitor to your laptop and view different programs on each display.

In this column, I'll explain how to configure multiple monitors using the Dualview feature in Windows XP. And I'll help you set up an old laptop as a second monitor by using some cool third-party software that works with Windows XP.

It seems like a nice feature.

On a side note, look at this

I multitask all day and I'm not using "multitask" in that buzz-term kind of way. Between e-mail, instant messages, and news updates, it seems like I need one computer for communications and another computer for work. I run several different applications simultaneously and constantly switch among them.

At times, I'm testing an application while taking notes in Microsoft Word. Other times, I'm instant messaging with a friend about a Web page or running Virtual PC to test a procedure in a book I'm editing. Often I'm doing all those things simultaneously. It seems like I waste half the day clicking the taskbar to switch between tasks.

Isn't it sad that people have to load themselves with so many little things at once? Wouldn't it be better for mental health to do just one task at a time?

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