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Monday, September 24, 2007

Alibay and Saule Bapanov at Art Beyond Borders

Alibay and Saule Bapanov have developed a unique art form with their tapestries. Deeply rooted in the traditions and symbols of their culture, they have shaped the historic wall-carpet into their medium of artistic expression. The result is a collection of beautiful, intricate masterpieces that build a bridge from cultural heritage to modern art.

From decorative to abstract, from Kazakh symbolism to Far Eastern philosophy, from small to monumental dimensions – the Bapanovs’ tapestries are varied and full of creativity. And all of them combine the essence of their art: a firm foundation in the past, a positive embrace of the present, and a joyful, radiant outlook into the future. (See also “the art of tapestry”.)

ART beyond borders is proud to be able to present these wonderful pieces to the American public for the first time.

Alibay and Saule Bapanov live and work in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where they teach painting and textile art at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts. Their works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and can be found in State Museums of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, China, Turkey, Poland and Denmark, as well as private collections around the world.

In 2003, Alibay Bapanov was awarded the Kazakh National Medal of Honor for his lifetime achievements in the Arts.

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