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Friday, December 07, 2007

You Wish!

A couple of weeks ago I got a mail from American Express Network. They sent me an "invitation" to visit their MyWishlist Web site, and so I did. There was a bunch of interesting offers such as BMW R 1200 K motorcycle for $5,000! I registered my e-mail, and they sent me a reminder before the promotion started:
November 27 - December 13, 2007

Dear ...,

You asked us to remind you when My WishList from American Express
returns with some of the season's hottest items at Cardmember-only
prices. Today is the day!

My WishList features great products and experiences, such as:

> A Trip around the world for $3,000 (Retail Price: $17,920)
> Saks Custom Handbag for $500 (Retail Price: $2,000)
> Helio Ocean with Unlimited Service for $400 (Retail Price: $1,249)

Visit My WishList today and put an end to wishful thinking!

I'll explain how it works:

1. Go to their web site. Unlock your AmEx card for a wishlist item, then wait until the sale starts. It shows the time in "NEXT ITEM" box.

You'll see that the sale started when "NEXT ITEM" window displays "NOW". Two minutes before the sale it counts down seconds.

2. Once the sale started - or a split second before! - click "I WANT IT" button. You'll see the screen showing that it pretends to be trying to get you the item.

3. After a while, the screen will show that it tried hard, but some other folks got the item before you, and that you can try again, maybe their transaction fails.

4. You keep trying, until the screen shows that it's sold out, but you can come back later and try buying other items. Or better even, simply buy other items, which are unlimited in quantities. If you didn't get it by this point, I'll tell you bluntly: you are not going to get any "hot" items. The whole purpose of this scam is to get you to the Web site and maybe you'll buy some other crap which they're selling for not-so-hot prices.

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