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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Huh... many little things

First of all, Washington Capitals won game 5! They had to win this game to stay in playoffs. It's 2-3 against Fliers. They have to win both games to get into the second round.

What stinks is that I didn't go to the game :( We used to play ice hockey every winter with my brother and Dad. The rink was outdoors in my school, and the winters used to be very cold those days, when I was in 5-6th grade.

I saw Resident Evil: Extinction movie today. It's never enough of Mila Yovovich, if you saw the movie you know what I mean :) Interestingly, they cast another former model, Ari Larter, for a strong female character. She looks great!

Sorry, you have to endure these comments, because the mere fact of me watching this sort of entertainment should warn you that there won't be serious critique of the artistic qualities of this piece. Well, let me back up, I'll say something about camera work. I liked it. Sometimes they play with lighting and maybe do computer re-touching frames so that Mila's face looks silkier that a human skin could possibly be. A-ha, take that!

Edward Lorentz died :( That's sad. I didnt know he was alive, actually. I remember when I first time saw his equation and a graph of the solution, strange attractors. It was many years ago. Chaos theory was becoming very popular and promised great breakthroughs in our understanding of complex phenomena. I guess it never happened on technical level, but it gave us a way of approaching them on conceptual level. Simple relations and links can produce very complex behaviors and systems. I wonder why dont I get excited about these things anymore?

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