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Monday, April 21, 2008

We own the night

We own the night is the movie. I downloaded from Amazon Unbox to my laptop, and watched it in the bus. It's a very good entertainment for a long bus trip. The opening scene is quite steamy, Joaquin Phoenix is just about to have sex with Eva Mendes, but are interrupted. It was a bit embarrassing to watch it in the bus indeed.

I had no idea that it's about standoff between NYPD and Russian mobsters. What I noticed though is that many Russians speak proper Russian. In many american movies, especially the older ones, Russian characters speak broken Russian. Even in the more recent ones it still happens. Take, for instance, Lord of War. Nicolas Cage's supposed to be Russian arms dealer, his Russian is very bad, as well as his brother's (Jared Leto?). Also, they're supposed to be from Ukraina, but they were not speaking Ukrainian.

In We own the night, some actors are actually Russian, such as Oleg Taktarov, MMA fighter turned actor. I'm yet to see him playing a good guy :) The main villain Vadim Nezhinsky's Russian is very broken. He was born in USA, it's no surprise. His uncle's Russian isn't good, but auntie speaks with a proper accent. Interestingly, the uncle - night club owner - has a name Marat. It's not a Russian name, usually Tatars in Russia have this name.


Alice said...

I think of Marat as a French name.

Argyn said...

Right, there was a very famous French revolution character, Marat. His buddies killed him. There's David's painting called Death of Marat.

Marat, Murad, Murat and other variations are common names in Central Asia.

Nazgul said...

I like Joaquin Phoenix. Is it the new movie? I am going to see Transamerica with Felicity Huffman. Have you seen it?

Argyn said...

I think that this movie came out in 2007. It's definitely not an old one