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Friday, May 16, 2008


My beloved Dell 1600n printer stopped working. It shows OPEN HEAT ERROR on a display and doesn't print anything. This happened after a very bad paper jam in the fuser box.

It had paper stuck inside for days before I found it out. Don't ask me why, it's a long story. Then I changed the toner cartridge, and just after a week or so it's only 33% full! 5,000 pages cartridge. Shit! Something's clearly wrong with a poor printer.

I removed the fuse box. It has two rolls. One's pressure roll, soft. the other's hard, and it has a lamp inside. I figured that the lamp heats it, and a paper goes between the pressure box and the hard roll. I noticed that the rolls don't turn, then saw that they're glued to each other. Maybe the lamp was on all the time, and the roll got overheat, then the soft roll melted and glued to the hard roll. Maybe the temperature sensor went down or printer's control circuitry is corrupted and don't turn the lamp off. Something like that, I guess. It's a pity. The new fuse box costs ~90$ with shipment from Dell.

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