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Monday, July 14, 2008

NEVER EVER EVER send the valuables by USPS overseas

In March a friend of mine asked me to help him. He bought a cell phone in USA, and sent it to me. I took it to USPS post office and sent it to Germany. I bought a warranty for full amount, 400$, of course. The package was opened and the content was stolen in Germany. My friend filed all papers in Germany (it was a big hassle according to him). I came to a post office, from where the package was sent. They said I had to call 800 number. I called the number and offered them to fax the German claim papers. The operator refused, and took my label number and promised to contact me in 3 weeks. Obviously, nobody contacted me. Today I tried to contact them over the phone and got into the automated claim processing. It's an annoying female voice which basically runs you through the menus and asks many questions but doesnt give you any information. Its stupidity is second only to Sprint's. It didn't let me talk to an operator. I think that the whole system's designed in such a way that you get your warranty money only after mega-months delay. Anyone in finance knows why: time value of money. 400$ today is worth much more than after several months. That's what they're doing, imho. I would be an idiot if I send you international package with USPS again. Also, I didn't know that postal package burglary is so rampant in Germany. Don't these peopel have one of the best economies in the world?!

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