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Thursday, May 28, 2009

JavaOne "things to do" list

There's so many interesting sessions at JavaOne 2009. Many of them overlap :(

Here's my attempt to build a list of sessions to attend:

Tuesday, Jun 02
08:30-10:30Moscone, Hall B-CTuesday Morning General SessionSeats Available
10:50-11:50Moscone, Hall E 134(TS-4605) Enterprise JavaBeans™ 3.1 (EJB™ 3.1) Technology OverviewSeats Available
12:10-13:10Moscone, Hall E 133(TS-4164) Clojure: Dynamic Functional Programming for the JVM™ MachineSeats Available
13:30-15:00Moscone, Hall B-CTuesday Afternoon Technical General SessionSeats Available
15:20-16:20Moscone, Gateway 104(TS-4487) The Feel of ScalaSeats Available
16:40-17:40Moscone, Esplanade 302(TS-5454) Alternative to Google Application Engine for Java™ Technology-Based ApplicationsSeats Available
18:00-19:00Moscone, Esplanade 307-310(TS-5468) Cross-Browser Vector Graphics with the Canvas Tag and SVGSeats Available
20:30-21:20Moscone, Hall E 133(BOF-4560) Inside the Sun Java™ Real-Time SystemSeats Available
Wednesday, Jun 03
08:30-09:30Moscone, Hall B-CMobility General Session (Part I)Seats Available
09:45-10:45Moscone, Esplanade 307-310(TS-5330) Extreme Google Web Toolkit: Exploring Advanced Aspects of GWTSeats Available
11:05-12:05Moscone, North Hall 124(TS-4069) JavaFX™ Technology in Action: From Design Tool to Desktop, to Mobile DeviceSeats Available
13:30-14:30Moscone, Esplanade 303(TS-5226) Hardware Accelerated Graphics for High Performance JavaFX™ Mobile ApplicationsSeats Available
14:50-15:50Moscone, Esplanade 302(TS-4333) Programming Music for Fun and Productivity: JFugue and Log4JFugueSeats Available
16:10-17:10Moscone, Esplanade 307-310(TS-3802) Functional and Object-Oriented Programming in the JavaScript™ Programming LanguageSeats Available
17:30-18:30Moscone, Hall B-CMobility General Session (Part II)Seats Available
18:45-20:45Moscone, Hall E 132(LAB-5539BYOL) Touch Your Application! Building Slick, Touch-Enabled UIs for Java™ Platform, Micro EditionSeats Available
20:45-21:35Moscone, Esplanade 305(BOF-1749) Real-Time, Really Big Enterprise Applications: Experiences Porting to Java™ RTSSeats Available
Thursday, Jun 04
08:30-09:15Moscone, Hall B-CThursday Morning General SessionSeats Available
09:30-10:30Moscone, Gateway 102-103(PAN-5366) Cloud Computing: Show Me the MoneySeats Available
10:50-11:50Moscone, Esplanade 300(TS-5082) Matchmaking in the Cloud: Hadoop and EC2 at eHarmonySeats Available
13:30-14:30Moscone, Esplanade 303(TS-4789) Developing Visually Stunning 3-D User Experiences with Java™ Technology and M3G on MobileSeats Available
14:50-15:50Moscone, Gateway 102-103(TS-5496) This Is Not Your Father’s Von Neumann Machine; How Modern Architecture Impacts Your Java™ AppsSeats Available
16:10-17:10Moscone, North Hall 124(TS-3896) Accessing RESTful Web Services from the JavaFX™ Script PlatformSeats Available
17:30-18:15Moscone, Hall B-CThursday Afternoon General SessionSeats Available
Friday, Jun 05
08:30-10:30Moscone, Hall B-CFriday Morning General SessionSeats Available
10:50-11:50Moscone, Esplanade 307-310(TS-5587) Ajax Versus JavaFX™ TechnologySeats Available
12:10-13:10Moscone, Gateway 102-103(TS-4620) Robust and Scalable Concurrent Programming: Lessons from the TrenchesSeats Available
13:30-14:30Moscone, North Hall 124(PAN-5388) Making Music with the Java™ Programming LanguageSeats Available
14:50-15:50Moscone, Gateway 102-103(TS-5391) The Art of (Java™ Technology) BenchmarkingSeats Available
16:10-17:10Moscone, Esplanade 304-306(TS-3994) Summiting Mt. Everest: A Java™ Technology-Based Trading PlatformSeats Available

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