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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

First Night in San Francisco

Today French plane disappeared somewhere in South America. It happened before my flight. I didn't care. Mine is United, it's bad enough even without worrying about other stuff. Overcrowded, no food. I sat in 5 seats row. For some reason there wes a lot of Russians in the plane. They didn't look exactly like work & travel folks.

Plane arrived almost 1 hour earlier, it was so nice. My hotel is so-so. It's supposed to be higher end, Westin, but amenities are subpar. It's very clean, and tidy, but feels like Sofitel in Bruxelles, i.e. no amenities you'd expect in a good hotel, like pool or sauna.

San Francisco was foggy and chilly. I took a couple of picture on my g-phone. I'm stupid, forgot my camera home. Tomorrow's the first day of conference. There's some registration to do in the morning. We have to update our slides, maybe go to rehearsal.

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